Cyberpunk at the Planetarium One


As part of the “Cyberpunk at the Planetarium” project, an exhibition of digital art “CyberSpace” was launched in the building of the SpaceLab laboratory and Planetarium 1, which brings together the works of artists reflecting on the images of the future promised by technological progress.
Cyber-artist Nikita “R66” Replyansky, fashion and wearable technology designer Snezhana Paderina, artist Evgeny Zubkov, digital artist Serezha Parshakov, one of the pioneers of NFT in Russia Nikita Elizariev aka Elizarevfx are participating in the exhibition.
All details about the event at the link:

Number 5 on the map is the exposition of our Raskroi Fablab Review exhibition. I am extremely grateful to the organizers of the exhibition for the invitation. This is also an opportunity to show the work of our teams, giving their work a new context and audience, but also, for me, this is another reminder of where my personal work originated - cyberpunk as a genre of literature, transhumanism and technology. Extremely inspiring!