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The official technology partner for the creation of the collection was 3DRep, which provided the designer with the 3D printers necessary to create the pieces.
3DRep is the official dealer of manufacturers of personal and ultra-modern professional equipment (3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D glasses, CNC machines), which occupy a leading position in the 3D industry market. The company offers its clients on the Russian market a wide range of 3D services: 3D modeling, scanning, training.
The printers provided by 3DRep are manufactured by the Russian company Maestro based in Perm.

These 3D printers have advanced technologies such as auto-calibration and automatic adjustment for different types of materials.
Three-dimensional elements and 3D-printed textiles (sequins), which adorn the products of the collection and buckles for belts, were created on 3D printers using three-dimensional printing technology (FDM), in which the object is built by melting a plastic thread, which is fed through an extruder onto a work surface.
For the manufacture of 3D-printed elements of the products of the collection, only environmentally friendly materials were used, namely biodegradable PLA plastic.
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