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Fashion film direction: art direction, storyboarding and cost effective planning. Freelance filmmaking team with full-service post-production services: video editing, sound design, color grading.
Color correction and atmospheric color grading for ads, music videos and fashion films. Enhancing viewers' experience through coherent color storytelling, beauty correction and a creative take on color grading.
Easy-to-read explanation of hard-to-explain things. Educational project focused on research of Fashion Film as a genre. Analysis of submitted fashion films through the lens of cinematography, style and execution.
Color Grading
Dissecting Fashion Film
Fashion films are a genre of film that brings together stunning cinematography and fashion. Whether it’s a commercial advertisement, creative fashion project, or behind-the-scenes video of your fashion product, creating a fashion film is a beautiful way to highlight your product through storytelling. Fashion film allows us to add depth to our creative project. We can share our vision with the world in a unique way and utilize beautiful visual imagery and cinematography to create an immersive fashion experience our audience connects with.

There are many different areas to consider when directing a fashion film. Fashion film production, the psychology of color in fashion film, and production design are just some of the areas you need to consider as a fashion film director.

Ready to get started? Check out my filmmaking and color grading services below. I also have a wealth of free resources below to help you dip your toe into the beautiful world of fashion filmmaking.



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