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New SNEZHANA.NYC collection is for game fans. The collection is inspired by NVIDIA's innovative visualization technologies that bring the photorealism of big cinema to the world of PC gaming.

The recently unveiled NVIDIA RTX ray tracing technology fulfills the dream of real-time cinematic-quality rendering. Photorealistic big cinema graphics are available for the first time in the world of computer games.


Snezhana Paderina, founder and creative director of the fashion + technology brand, a pioneer in high-tech couture style in Russia, presents her collection "Ray" as part of the SS19 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia season.
At the basis of the concept of the RAY is a ray that gives birth to worlds in which everyone can become a Creator and a Hero and build their own Universe. The rays of RAY are reflected and refracted, separating light and shadow, creating a bizarre new world geometry in the world.

When creating the collection, the designer sought to harmoniously combine the functionality of the everyday wear of the city dweller with the theme of technological innovation, finally blurring the line between reality and the digital world thanks to ray tracing, which recently radically changed gaming and computer graphics.
The RAY collection, represented by 14 menswear and 8 womenswear pieces, breaks down into four fractals, each setting a particular combination of materials and technologies. The variety of matte nylon textures with crumpled Tyvek, jersey, chrome, and graphic patterns create the rhythm, dynamics, and contrasts inherent in the physical nature of light rays. Chromed fabrics and 3D renderings that realistically simulate the volume and depth of the print create a cosmic glow effect. The original 3D-printed parametric textile and accessories create volume and an immersive effect.

The theme of ray tracing is reflected not only in clothing design but also during the show. With the help of advanced graphics mapping technologies and 3D, the real-time generated animation is projected onto the models, allowing rays to reflect the physical properties of materials and create unique living images.


The RTX ray tracing platform fulfills the dream of real-time cinematic-quality rendering that PC gaming needs. Through ray tracing application programming interfaces (APIs) such as NVIDIA OptiX, Microsoft DXR and Vulkan.
Photorealistic rendering of objects and environments in real-time, combined with physically accurate shadows, reflections, and refractions, allows artists and designers to create stunning content faster than ever.
After receiving education in cybersecurity and information technology, Snezhana Paderina studied fashion design & creative entrepreneurship at Parsons School of Design.

She was one of the first in Russia to start using 3D printing to produce everyday clothing. Snezhana participated in a collaboration between Parsons and Intel; she presented her products at one of the most high-profile exhibitions in the field of innovative design, "Manus x Machine" (Metropolitan Museum, New York), as well as at a show from Harvard University.


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