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The key accessory of the "Digital Folding of the World" collection is a chrome-plated pendant in the shape of a naked woman striving for the sky, the image of which symbolizes the desire of the emotional side of a person to get closer to pure reason.

The pendant was created by Snezhana in collaboration with Print A World (USA), which performed 3D printing of the item using laser stereolithography (SLA) technology. SLA is one of the world's first and most accurate production methods for 3D technologies. 3D printing uses a special liquid photopolymer that changes its properties when exposed to ultraviolet light.
SLA allows you to model the most complex geometric shapes (for example, shapes within a shape), which can not be achieved using traditional manufacturing methods. Products created using SLA are extremely durable, flexible and have amazing detail.
Print A World ( is the market leader in 3D printing in New York. Print A World carries out projects in the field of architectural prototyping, creation of works of art, jewelry, furniture and accessories using 3D printing and 3D modeling technologies.
The company's clients include international corporations Samsung, IBM, as well as leading designers and companies in the fashion industry, such as Tiffany & Co (3D shop window design), Victoria Hayes (3D jewelry printing).
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