The Best Fashion Films


The Best Fashion Films

All time classics, famous movies, and independent works worth recognition. Feature films
While being a part of a popular culture, these movies should be considered a valuable contribution to Fashion Film as a genre

Short films, ads, art films | CLASSIC

Episode of a short film series starring Marion Cotillard for Dior.
Directed by Olivier Dahan, this story based on Hitchcock's movies in which Cotillard hires a private detective to find a lost lover
Youtube-series by Luca Guadagnino for Salvatore Ferragamo featuring Kaya Scodelario.
A short film (20+min!) for Moncler by Bruce Weber.

Short films, ads, art films | CONTEMPORARY

Futuristic short film by Acronym.
Great combination of CGI and meticulous color grading work in a fashion film.
Slow-burn fashion film by Delpozo featuring compelling atmosphere by utilizing CG and creative editing.
Cyberpunk aesthetic in 3D-animated work by Tiber Ergür, Muhammet Altun & Hasan Salih Akan
Extraordinary captivating audiovisual experience by Ruth Hogben.
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