Tile Atelier

One of the most striking accessories of the collection is a leather harness decorated with rounded porcelain plates covered with blue metallic glaze. Porcelain elements for the "Digital Folding of the World" collection were created on the basis of Snezhana's sketches by the founder and ceramist of the Moscow handmade tile studio "Tile Atelier" Ekaterina Karabadzhak.
The process of creating porcelain jewelry is laborious and multi-stage. Making jewelry for the collection required XXX days of work by the Tile Atelier designer. First, Ekaterina picked up a suitable clay, rolled it out and manually cut it out according to the templates with separate tiles. After that, the porcelain elements were dried, polished, fired and covered with glaze with oxides (it imitates metal inclusions) and the author's painting.
The Tile Atelier studio (https://www.houzz.ru/pro/tileatelier/tile-atelier) uses innovative materials and equipment (hydraulic, mechanical presses, Rohde ovens) in the production of tiles and porcelain products, some of which are made by special order of Tile Atelier.
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